About MentalHealthCounselorLicense.com

MentalHealthCounselorLicense.com provides a more efficient way to navigate the licensure requirements for Mental Health Counselors or Licensed Professional Counselors than what is currently found via an internet search or some of the licensure board websites. The state licensure boards do not necessarily have the time or budget to create an easy to navigate resource like this one.

The idea to build an easier way to explore the requirements for licensure as a professional counselor or mental health counselor was started based off of personal experience looking for the education requirements in my state. Fortunately a friend, a practicing mental health counselor, was there to provide some guidance.

It is not always so easy to find a friend or professional that can help or guide you through the several steps to licensure. MentalHealthCounselorLicense.com is designed to be used as a reference along the path to licensure.

MentalHealthCounselorLicense.com is a perpetually changing project. Please share your thoughts, stories and advice.

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